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Gilbert Declercq is an illustrator, comic designer and painter. His masterpieces are exhibited and published worldwide. He was grantedseveral national and international awards for his aquarelles. He's a member of the American Society of Illustrators. On this website can find a selection of his oeuvre.


Recently added:

  • Exhebition at the
    NATO headquarters
    The album "The Balance of Power. A Cold War Adventure " has been published, end of October, (the English version of "Het Bedreigde Evenwicht" by Gilbert Declercq and Bert De Craene, translated by KU Leuven researchers Jan Cumps and Jack McMartin).
    The album and the original drawings are exhibited at NATO headquarters, Léopold III Laan, 1110 Brussels from 8 to 15 November 2019. The exhibition has been inaugurated by NATO ambassador Pascal Heyman. The curator of the exhibition is Hervé Claeys.
    Here under from left to right Jan cumps: translator, Pascal Heyman: ambasador, Bert Decraene: scenariowriter, Gilbert Declercq: cartoonist, Hervé Claeys: curator. Pictures of the inauguration you can find here.

    Price excluding shipping costs:
    1 copy (44 p. 21x30cm): 10 euro
    2 to 5 copies : 8 euro per copy
    6 to 10 copies: 7 euro per copy
    10 and more: 5 euro per copy
    Info and orders:

    bedreigede evenwicht

  • Exposition ' HUMAN MIGRATION' Belgium Federal parliament January 12th to march 10th 2017. GILBERT DECLERCQ is one of the three contributors. http://www.goodplanet.be

    gilbert declercq Senaat

Some work and publications
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Some examples of the paintings made by Gilbert


Gilbert made illustrations for a large number of international companies and organisations. Some of his clients: Reader ’s Digest, Märklin, Dai-Nippon, DaimlerChrysler, Greenpeace, ...


Publications with: Lombard, Dupuis, Sanoma, Standaard, Oberon, De Vlijt, Die Keure...

Applied Art